7 Days Cultural Tour : Southern Ethiopia Tour Program
Tour Program: South Ethiopia
Tour code: TAOS.006
Duration: 7 Days
Mode of Transportation: Air and Surface


This amazing tour gives you the best impressions of Ethiopia. It starts in the capital Addis Ababa and brings you to some wonderful places in the South such as: Rift Valley, Arbaminch, Hawassa, Turmi,

Omorate, and Konso.

  • Day 1 – From Addis Ababa to Hawassa
    Leave the capital Addis Ababa and drive through the Rift Valley that is marked with beautiful landscape and lots of lakes. Stop for lunch at Lake Langano and enjoy a short walk along the beach. After lunch, you will enter Abiyatta Shalla National Park and watch animals like warthogs, ostrich, gazelles, flamingos and many other birds. Continue driving to Hawassa, another city that developed along a big lake and enjoy an evening walk on the promenade. Spend the night in a hotel in Hawassa.
  • Day 2 – From Hawassa to Arbaminch
    Visit the fish market in Hawassa in the early morning and watch some birds at the shore of Hawassa lake if you please. After breakfast, drive towards Arbaminch. Here you will visit Dorze village, which is approximately an 1 hour drive from Arbaminch. You will get the possibility to experience the traditional way of life of the Dorze people including special food, the different architecture, weaving, a real coffee ceremony and you can take part in traditional dances yourself. Spend the night in a hotel in Arbaminch.
  • Day 3 – Nechisar National Park in Arbaminch
    After breakfast at your hotel, you will drive to Lake Chamo (15 min) to take a boat ride on the lake. You will be able to watch hippos, crocodiles, pelicans and many other colorful as well as seldom birds. After crossing the lake you will start hiking on foot into Nechisar National Park to watch animals like zebras, kudus, gazelles, warthogs, oryx and many more. Take your lunch inside the national Park and enjoy the amazing view on the lake and the grass plains at the same time. The boat ride including hiking through the national park will take the full day. Spend the night in a hotel in Arbaminch.
  • Day 4 – Arbaminch through Konso to Turmi
    Drive from Arbaminch to Konso and stop in between to visit local markets. Konso has a special way of building up its traditional village through which you will get a guided Tour. The way of life and culture from the Konso people is very unique and it’s interesting to listen to the local guide who can answer all your questions. After lunch in Konso you will continue driving to Turmi the central town for the Hamer people. Spend the night in a hotel in Turmi
  • Day 5 – Turmi and Omorate
    In the Morning after breakfast you will drive to Omorate, which is the last border town in the upper Omo valley, only 30 km away from Kenya. Here you will cross over the Omo river in local boats to visit a village of the Dasanech people and get to know their culture and way of life. Afterwards you will drive back to Turmi to visit the local market in Turmi of the Hamer people (only on Mondays).
    If celebrations take place, there should be a possibility to attend either a bull jumping ceremony (every Hamer boy has to do the initiation ritual, i.e. to jump over seven bulls in order to become a man and to be able to marry) in the surrounding villages or a night of traditional dancing event (the special Hamer dance called Evangadi); it will be found out in Turmi whether these ceremonies are taking place or not. Spend the night in Turmi.
  • Day 6 – Turmi to Arbaminch
    Driving back from Turmi to Arbaminch with visits of local markets and villages on the road. Spend the night in Arbaminch
  • Day 7 – Flight back to Addis Ababa
    To avoid a long day of driving, it is much easier to take the flight with Ethiopian Airlines at 2 PM back to Addis Ababa